Burst Pipe, Molendinar

Burst Pipe, Molendinar
Affecting the intersection outside the community centre. 

The community centre would like to thank local residents who reported a water leak that caused problems at the intersection of Gidgee Court and Bloodwood Crescent, outside the community centre.

The leak has been reported to the authorities and has been investigated.

The issue is the result of a burst pipe on a private property along Coachwood Drive, and the water is travelling underground along Coachwood Drive, Bloodwood Crescent, and Gidgee Court. The water is welling up through the footpath via the underground cable ducts and draining out on to the road.

Cable and Water companies are investigating.

There is nothing else we can do until the pipe on Coachwood Drive is repaired.

Please take care when using the footpath and road outside the community centre.

Thank you.

Traffic Changes, Molendinar and Parkwood

Traffic Changes, Molendinar and Parkwood
Road Closures and Night Works

Due to the construction of the Gold Coast Light Rail “Stage 2” track, from Griffith University, along Smith Street motorway, to Parkwood and Helensvale, there will be roadworks and traffic disruption in Molendinar and Parkwood.

This will mostly affect the intersection at Griffith University and Parkwood Tavern, along with the intersection at Smith Street and Olsen Avenue. Traffic issues will be experienced in both directions along Olsen Avenue.

For more information, visit the Goldlinq traffic information site
or call Goldlinq on 1800 425 799.